In Blue

 If there was a photo out there that summed me up without words, I think I would be standing in a photobooth with a Polaroid camera, wearing a miniskirt, striped shirt and argyle knee high socks with Chuck Taylors on my feet. So there would be no need for an awkward introduction, I'd be wearing one of those cursive name necklaces, but instead of a name, it would read "chisel" and you would most likely be confused. I would laugh and shake your hand and say, "My name is Diana. And you are?" Then we'd have our photo taken, but it would be a little crowded in the booth with my ridiculously large collection of My Little Ponies, Lisa Frank stickers and my 20lb cat. After the photo took its sweet little time developing, we'd go out for some bubble tea, shop at H&M and swing by Game Stop to meet up with my husband, Dave. Then we'd invite you back to our apartment, so I could show you my guinea pig ranch, my mushroom house and my ninja-eating apatosaurus, Sampson. We'd have some hard ciders and Dave would make a vegetarian pizza. Mmm pesto! We'd watch  Troll 2, Empire Records and play Katamari Damacy and offer you a place to crash on our couch, but you'd politely decline and we'd walk to you to the bus stop. Farewell, new friend! I hope you have a nice night!

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