Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I used to have influence. I don't know how, because I didn't do a lot to get it. I just woke up and somehow people knew me. I think it was a friends of friends type thing. It was nice, but I didn't realize how much I enjoyed it till I didn't have it anymore. Mostly because I have things to share that I think are super awesome and I want other people to see how awesome these things are too.

Remember show and tell? Those special days from kindergarten to early elementary when you could bring anything from home and have your fifteen minutes of fame?

I remember having a huge temper tantrum one day when I forgot the toy that I wanted to share. It NEEDED to be seen. I couldn't accept the fact of my bad memory of my lack of discipline. It just couldn't be this way. NO FAIR! Then I calmed down and I ate some graham crackers and took a nap, because that's what kindergarten was like and probably is still like to this day.

So what did I bring to share today? I brought a friend that isn't really my friend but a friend of a friend. He's awesome and you should do yourself a favor and check him out. His name is Lucas Carpenter and he plays guitar and sings amazing songs. He also does amusing covers and basically has some of the best in between song banter ever!

I have seen and known a lot of dudes that play guitar and even though I feel like so many of them are excellent musicians; playing an instrument is not all you need to know to put on an engaging show. It's all about charisma and pizazz and Lucas has all of that and then some. I say this as someone that saw him play live only two times and I only saw those two shows because a friend asked me to tag along and you know how those things go. Oh, this is...okay...sway to music and pretend that you're having a good time, but this time, I wasn't pretending and the smile on my face wasn't fake. Yes, Lucas, you kicked the curmudgeon out of this young lady! Thanks for that!

P.S. In college, I used to have long conversations about why it was okay to like Dave Matthews. I was always on the fence. I sort of hated him, but secretly there were always a few songs that I liked a lot. This is one of them.


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