Monday, April 6, 2015

Track Fours

The first time I noticed the power of track four was in 2001. Weezer's green album had just come out and my mom was obsessed with "Island in the Sun" but instead of asking to play it by name, she'd just say "track four" and we'd be on our 15th listen of the day. (BTW, that song is not on this list, because I think we're all tired of hearing it by now.)

Back before my husband was my husband, Dave brought it up again. He made an entire mix CD of Track Fours. He had an entire theory that track fours were the best songs on any album.

It's April. The fourth month. It's nearly warm outside. I decided to revisit my favorite track fours in honor of spring.

"Climbing the Walls" by TMBG -- I was listening to a lot of TMBG in 2007, specifically "Ana Ng," and was really into this song even though I had never listened to any of the other songs on this album. I guess it was just luck that it was track 4. Nonetheless, it's an underrated song, kinda like how no one seems to take TMBG seriously. These guys have some seriously wonderful and delightful songs and have the energy and silliness to turn bad days into good ones!

"Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins -- If you know me at all, you'll know that I still claim Smashing Pumpkins is my favorite band. They're not really anymore, but they had an huge impact on my life. I still care about them. This is one of my favorite songs from them. The video is so dark and creepy. The one song I'd love to karaoke.

"In Repair" by Our Lady Peace -- Guys, guys -- this is my favorite concept album ever. This is probably in my top 10 favorite albums ever. I always go back and listen to it and it's still really great. This is before the lead singer had to change the way he sang to save his voice. I totally get that, but I'll always still be in love with this era OLP.

"Persuasive is Her Name" by The Deathray Davies -- The Day of the Ray is the only reason I know Dave. Think about that. Dave and I have been together 11+ years and it's all because of this band. I picked this album up on a whim in a used record store in Cambridge, MA. I thought I recognized the name. I lived in Dallas before moving to Boston and often would read the free alt weeklies and I'm sure I picked up their name from there. I was very into local Dallas alt music scene despite being underage with no driver's license, I somehow was still in the loop thanks to prolific reading and listening to The Adventure Club.

"Inspector of Inspectors" by Driftless Pony Club -- Go listen to everything DPC right now! Please! Also, check out Wheezy Waiter -- aka Craig Benzine, he's the lead singer --  because there are some hilarious "on tour" videos with the entire band and his channel is super creative!  If you're in Boston, you'll see me rocking out to them on April 25 at The Middle East!

"The High Party" by Ted Leo/The Pharmacists -- Honestly, everyone should be listening to Ted Leo. I know, I know...but this is one of my favorite songs...period. In college, the only thing I ever won was a signed poster by Ted Leo from OUC. If you know what OUC is, I'm really embarrassed now.

"Rococo" by Arcade Fire -- I really love songs about hipster kids. Like 2003 elitist hipster indie rock kids. Not the 2007 shutter shades kinds. I also really like listening to "My Coco" by Stellastarr* right after it. Guess what? "My Coco" is a track four. You see what I mean?

What are your favorites?

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