Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bath & Body Works

In my tween years, I remember being mesmerized by Bath & Body Works. In every single mall, no matter what state I was in at the time, it was there. My family and I always seemed to stop in to enjoy the great smelling lotions and to browse the candles in the adjoining White Barn Candle Company. Now those stores are one, but they can't help but lure me in again & again.

They used to have a fun & colorful collection for kids. I remember testing out the bath foam and my little sister (now 22!) still owns a really great blue glitter polish from the collection.

They have definitely narrowed down their collection and it somehow still feels just as intimidating as it did all of those  years ago. 

I abandoned my love of the store many moons ago, I just wasn't interested in the products. I was too busy lusting after Lush Cosmetics, but recently, Bath & Body Works has won me back. I keep getting free coupons and I have recently joined their BBW club and the more I try out these products, the more I fall in love with the scents. I gave up trying to avoid a lot of nasty chemicals, because my hands are constantly dry if I use only natural products. Bath & Body Works doesn't test on animals, so I feel like they could be a lot more evil.

Here is my recent haul. I only paid for 3 of those lotions!

Bath & Body Works

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