Saturday, April 9, 2011

NYX Cosmetics

I just made my first purchase yesterday. I had previously ordered NYX from, but was running a really cool deal the other day. Yesterday 100% of the profits made between 12-5pm pst would benefit American Red Cross' Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. As I have family in Japan it was important for me to support this cause and since I can never turn down buying make-up, I decided to participate. Some time down the road, I'll probably make another donation to other charities to support relief efforts in Japan.

What I bought:

  • Single eyeshadows in Wild Fire, Beauty Queen and Pure Gold
  • Jumbo eye pencil in Horse Raddish and Pots & Pans
  • 10 color palette in Smokey Eyes
  • Slim eye pencil in purple and black
  • Soft matte lip cream in Addis Ababa
  • Dual pencil sharpener

I can't wait to try out these products!

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