Monday, June 27, 2011

Welcome to My World

I am a lot of things, but above all else, I'm a writer.

I've dabbled in crafts, photography and a lot of other things labeled "artsy." I don't consider myself an artist at all. I may be artistic, but I know nothing about art.

When people ask what I do? I used to define myself by my job. I wasn't writing at the time, but I was still a writer. I've never been paid to do it, but it's what I am.


As a girl, I wrote in a journal, made up short stories with ease in class and spent a lot of time by myself. I had friends and I climbed trees and I loved to pretend. I dipped into my imaginary world a lot as a kid. I was an only child till I was seven and in order to fill that void, I had an imaginary twin sister, Tiffany, and an imaginary boyfriend, Tim, who delivered pizzas.

As an adult, I still pretend. I go back to that imaginary world every single time I write a story. I'll never give that up. My twin sister was replaced by my little sister and my pizza delivery boyfriend was replaced by my pizza loving fiancĂ©, so not a lot has changed, except the scenery in my head.

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