Tuesday, July 26, 2011


As a college student in Boston, I depended on CVS for snacks, laundry detergent and toothpaste. It was a lot more to me than just a drugstore. It was like a mini mall! Everything could be found inside of its glass doors. CVS, much like 7-11, held the goodies. It was always there. Flip flops? Check! Beach towels? Check! Foam swimming noodles? Check! Did I ever need what I bought at CVS? Never. But it was like walking into a store stocked by pirates. A treasure trove of random selection. I could never walk into a CVS without a handful of ridiculous items I didn't need. I always had five bottles of shampoo and conditioner, various shower gels and a drawer full of mascara. Who cares if I never wear make-up? CVS didn't care, but they provided an outlet for uncontrolled spending. Instead of designer duds, I stuck to thrift stores. Instead of shopping online for good deals, I splurged on magazines and iced tea.

What were these Extrabucks? I never knew.

I never knew that I was getting free cash.

I could have overloaded on Polaroid film, but no, I couldn't be bothered with receipts.

I mean, it's nearly 2am, so I guess I should study right after I finish this jar of queso dip!

Free money, be damned!

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