Monday, July 25, 2011

I Hate Fun

Whenever my fiance tells me that he likes something and he thinks that I will like it too, I doubt him. I think there's no way in hell that I like what he likes. It's weird considering we have a lot in common. I just don't trust him. I'd say that 75% of the time, I like it and the other times, I don't realize I like it, till I kick and scream and a few weeks go by and then I admit to actually liking it. I don't know why I do this, but a lot of good things go wasted because I refuse to believe that's he's right and I'm being ridiculous. It might have something to do with whatever specific day he tries to introduce me to something new, I'm just not in the mood. Bad moods do me in all the time. It's impossible to like new things when you're in a bad mood unless you're introducing yourself to the new things. I just don't have an open mind, when I'm hungry, angry and/or grumpy.

I wish I could be happy all of the time, but I'm not. I'm mostly average. I try to smile more and pretend that life is a birthday party, but it's a lot easier to be disappointed when you go into something with the worst expectations possible. Those expectations probably make the not-so-fun thing about 10x worst. Then I have to get snobby and uptight and pretend that I'm totally jokes, when in reality, I'm just being grumpy and denying that fun exists.

But fun does exist!

It existed in The Burren on Saturday, July 23, 2011. Why was fun happening there? It's because a local cover band played called Red Square.

I think what makes Red Square different than most cover bands is that they're actually talented. It's like, "Hey, this actually sounds better than the original" but then it's better than just a regular song by any other band you might not know, because you know that song and you can dance and sing along and have the best damn time you've ever had at an Irish pub.

I danced so hard that my hair was soaked. I sang so long my voice cracked the next day. I was thoroughly convinced of this fun by my fiance. It took me awhile to get on the fun train, but now, I don't ever want to miss a show. I don't want to be grumpy or angry or anything ever again, because I know that I'll just dance all of the hate away at the next Red Square show.


Ifinder said...

Very very effective reflections. Make one dragged and dropped. Done. Well sit like a blog. Share Posts.- Thank You for sharing so Creative. With Best wishes.

Ifinder said...

P.s. A creatively and charmingly expressed profile. Thank You again.