Monday, August 8, 2011

Window Shopping

There are some brands that I've never tried that I would to try in the future. Sometimes I get downright obsessed with new-to-me companies. One day, I'll dust off my credit card and splurge a little on these shops:

Sprout Revolution -- I love the simple philosophy behind this brand and their oh-so-pretty glass jars. It's like an old time apothecary! I'm constantly changing around my skincare routine and in all honesty, I just want something that works and is good for me and the Earth. It sounds cheesy, but it's true! I often contradict this statement and I'll probably never be able to correct it, but I do try my best.

A Beautiful Life -- I'm always on the look out for unique nail polish brands. I'm already hooked on the soy nail polish remover from Karma Organic Spa. Unfortunately, I seem to be under the impression that more is more and fall for pretty packaging again and again. I'd love to try out their nail lacquers, perfumes and dry shampoo.

Farmaesthetics -- What did I tell you? Look at that packaging! I know I'm a consumer and I accept it. I would love to consume some of these lovely products. I'm seriously intrigued by the lip softener and nourishing herbal cream.

100% Pure -- I'm semi-obsessed with this brand. I sort of want to try everything from white peach body wash to coffee bean eye cream to blueberry pigmented mascara. If I wasn't trying to clear out my current stash of body lotions, make-up and other things, I'm sure I would have amassed a collection so big it might rival a retail store!

If you're seeing a common theme, you know why I've been avoiding Whole Foods lately. Their bath & beauty selection is just a diverse as the selection here, but if I can, I like to help smaller businesses. I figure if I google a particular brand and can't find a wide range of reviews than someone needs to do it! I think that someone should be me. :)

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