Friday, December 2, 2011

This Post Brought to You by the Letter D

Ryan Adams aka David Ryan Adams

sexiest FBI agent, David Duchovny

David from Roseanne
the sexiest Doctor in my opinion, David Tennant
first crush, Davy Jones

Dave -- 80 of 365
my husband, Dave

In 2001, I was a freshman in college and excited about my new city, Boston, and everything it had in store for me. I was making new friends. I was learning new things. I was looking for boys. One thing led to another and eventually there was a few dates, make outs and the like. I was rather picky with a long list of wants: funny, read books, thin wrists and at one time having a studded belt was a necessity. I stopped looking so hard and fell into a few serious relationships with a notable similarity between them all. Everyone had D first names! It's true, the first time I heard my D name mingled with their D name, I realized I quite liked the sound of it. But of course, it would be ridiculous to rule out anyone just because of consonance.

It was just coincidence, but there were four D names in a row, and the fourth ending up being the last as we're going on eight years now. Sometimes life is strange and as soon I ended up with David, I realized I had built up quite a lust for some other Davids out there as well. Again, coincidence, but it seems to me that if your name starts with a letter D, you'll be totally crush worthy!

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