Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Time

As I've gotten older, Christmas doesn't feel special. There's no waking up at 5am, holiday cookies parties at school or even Secret Santa. There's early morning commutes, internet shopping and crowded malls. I love giving gifts, because I love looking for that special gift that I know so & so is going to love! The only problem is that my gift giving is all year round and not dedicated to just the holidays. If I see an awesome t-shirt for a friend, I'm not going to wait all year to give it to them. I'll snag it up and gift it just as quickly.

Some years, I'm a Grinch. I can't find any great gifts. I feel uninspired, chilly and ready for the snow to be off the ground. I'm thankful for a tolerant family that truly gets me. I've had eight years of Christmases with my husband that span the course of our relationship, and since this is our first Christmas as a married couple, I feel like it has to be a special one. I want to start a tradition.

We do stockings each year, but that's more my family tradition than ours.

I want to bake cookies. I want an advent calendar. I want to poke around our new neighborhood for the best dressed houses. I want it to be memorable, cheery and bright!

But none of those traditions are what are going to make this a special Christmas, because I know that we won't change and we'll be happy drinking eggnog out of the cartoon at 9am Christmas morning with a marathon of A Christmas Story blaring in the background. And even though some might say that's not tradition, I'm up for the argument.

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