Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Faves #2

1. I started using 750words again, so I'm writing daily. It's usually just stream of consciousness writing and not anything of real value. Sometimes story ideas come of it, which is awesome! It's definitely not a journal of any kind though -- personal or otherwise. It's probably the kind of stuff you dream about but can't remember when you wake up in the morning.

2. Were you lucky enough as a kid to go to Showbiz Pizza and see The Rock-afire Explosion? If so, hopefully this brings back good memories for you. If not, go grab some pizza and watch this video dedicated to Davy Jones.

3. I've been craving a peanut butter smoothie. I've never made one before and in all honestly, I don't think I've even tasted one. I'm going to experiment this weekend as soon as my bananas are ripe. I'm thinking 2tbsp pb, 1 cup vanilla soy/almond milk, 1 banana, but I might throw an apple in there too! I hope it's tasty!

4. I'm packing for a future trip in my head and it's quite time consuming trying to remember everything I may need for a month away from home. I should probably get it down on paper before I totally forget everything. Where am I going? I'm going to visit my mom in Texas and my little sister in Illinois. I'm really excited to take a leisure trip that is open-ended and for as long as I want, because 1) my mom is paying for my ticket 2) since I'm not currently working, I can hang out and experience stuff for as long as I want to!

5. It's been a dreary week in Boston and I have nothing else to add. But maybe you have a bizarre sense of humor like I do and you'd enjoy this video.

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