Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So Good, It's UNREAL!

I'm one of those rare people that doesn't have a sweet tooth. I've always preferred vanilla to chocolate. As a little girl, I even refused chocolate birthday cake! But as an adult, I've come to enjoy small doses of chocolate every once in a while. So when I'm looking for a chocolate fix, I'm looking for the good stuff. I normally shop my local health food store for my "unjunked" candy fix, but then I spotted UNREAL candy at my local Walgreens, CVS and Rite-Aid. What was this stuff? I was intrigued! I NEEDED to try this candy and quick, so thanks to Bzzagent, I was able to score some delicious freebies just in time for Halloween season.

Here's what I picked up with my UNREAL candy coupons:

I love the packaging of UNREAL candy. It really stands out and grabs your attention. I was immediately drawn to the display. It's fun, colorful and screams delicious in my mind!

I decided to test out the UNREAL #41 Candy Coated Chocolates first, since I love eating M&Ms, because they're just enough chocolate to satisfy a craving. I have to say I love UNREAL better than the other guys. Whenever I eat drugstore chocolate, I always complain about how waxy it tastes. It doesn't really taste like chocolate at all. It tastes chocolate-y and artificial, but since UNREAL is candy minus the bad stuff, it tastes like chocolate. I love the candy coated crunch and the way the chocolate's bold flavor nestles on your tongue. It's just a really pleasant snacking experience and I hope movie theaters start selling these guys instead of their artificial, waxy competitors. There is only one change I would make to these guys and that would be the colors. I love that they're fun and colorful, but the yellow and the green weren't so appealing to the eyes. I'd say stick to no dyes, because who cares what they look like if they taste this delicious? After one taste, you'll throw back the rest so fast, you'll be off to the store for a second bag!

Next up, we have UNREAL #77 Peanut Butter Cups, and I have to say that my husband and I were most excited about trying these. We are peanut butter and chocolate freaks! We have tried about a bazillion different brands from Reese's to Newman's Own to Trader Joe's brand -- we can't get enough of these little guys. So how does UNREAL compare? My husband and I both agreed that the peanut butter was overwhelmed by the chocolate, but you can definitely tell it's there. It adds a salty element to the chocolate you wouldn't have otherwise, and we all know that sweet & salty is a pretty delicious element. This reminded me a lot more of natural brands because it wasn't as sweet as the other guys. The chocolate just melts in your  mouth and lingers on your tongue. It's pleasant but something is missing, and I think that something is a bolder, peanut butter taste. I'd still reach for these over other cups at the convenience/drugstore, because the chocolate tastes so much better!

Check out the awesome design on the back of the cups!


Last but certainly not least is the UNREAL #5 Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar. This bar was super, dooper chewy reminiscent of a protein bar. It'll give your jaw a workout! Again it's sweet but not too sweet, because remember, this candy is missing all of the bad stuff. This is probably what candy used to taste like back when your great-grandfather was walking to school in the snow with no shoes on! I didn't pick up much nougat flavor, which was disappointing, but the caramel was there full force! Unfortunately, I think this bar would be a skip for me unless the formula was changed. I think more nougat would make the bar less chewy in a good way, so that would be my only suggestion for UNREAL. I still think it's worth giving a shot if you love caramel, because like I said, it's "unjunked" and if you're going to eat candy, you might as well eat something that tastes like real chocolate and caramel instead of waxy, subpar artificial sweetness.

There are a few other varieties of UNREAL candy out there that I didn't try, so make sure to stop by your local drugstore to check them all out!

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