Thursday, January 15, 2015


I'm not good at writing about things. I tried to make this into a blog about a thing. Sometime after I stopped updating the now defunct Hipster Brigade, blogs became more than personal online diaries and became these crazy niche machines about all sorts of things. I love things. I use things. I'm a monster consumer much to my chagrin and I love reading about makeup and watching haul videos, but I'm not that kind of person. I don't write about those things.

I love food and photos of food, but not enough to write about them.

I write about me.
I write about nothing.

I haven't watched enough Seinfeld to make a reference to that show, so I won't. But I guess I kinda just did. Whoops.

I think my biggest problem lately is that I think I'm boring, but people are not boring. I love reading about people. I love reading about real lives. I love reading personal things.

So I'm bringing it back.

Hello, I'm Diana Reagan. I'm a writer of short fiction and haiku. I play video games. Maybe you like those things and want to support me. I'd appreciate that.

This turned into an ad. But it was about me. So it's okay.

This is a blog about me.
This is a blog about nothing.

I hope you'll stay for a bit. Maybe we can get coffee sometime. I'd like that.