Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Thank God It's Date Night

This podcast started as a joke.

Actually, no, this started as a way of talking about movies without actually talking about movies. I wanted to do a shorter podcast. I only had time to do a shorter one. I can't really talk about movies with any sort of knowledge about them despite going to a college known for its film program.

I'd already been marked a person that liked "quirky love movies" and I honestly couldn't tell if that was being insightful or insulting.

But I like what I like.

So TGI Date Night was born.

Way back when in the Dave and Diana dating machine, we used to rent a ridiculous amount of movies. We'd get 3+ movies on a Friday, order 2 pizzas (one for each of us, duh!) and just veg out all weekend.

I'd escape into the suburbs and forget my academic life existed. The only way to reach me was by a corded phone in my dorm room or through AIM. This was 2004. I was disconnected and it was truly blissful.

Now Hollywood Video is closed. So is Mike's and Fred's and all of my favorite movie places. There's Netflix or nothing. (Okay, fine...or Hulu or Amazon or Redbox...)

But for 15-30 minutes every other week, you can join us in our time machine and eat an imaginary pizza with us. It's like being on a date with TGIF Arcade, but you're not a third wheel because this is a monster truck-bus and we're rolling into Date Town with our silly but hopefully thoughtful and helpful ideas for a kickass date!

Now, please pass the popcorn!

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