Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sundays are for Reading [February 27 - March 5]

Hey, it's Sunday, we made it through another week. Here are some things I read and felt like sharing with you:
  • Let's Be Friends 
    • "As I’ve grown, I’ve learned that every relationship exists on a spectrum. It’s never either/or. Friendships do not need to be void of physical and emotional intimacy. Romantic relationships do not need to be void of the emotional responsibility that’s associated with good, functional, and long-lasting friendships."
  • Find Your Tarot Type
    • I've been really interested in Tarot for awhile now. I consult a free tarot website, but I really want to get my own pack of cards. Too bad so many of them are $$$!
I like how I unintentionally shared three articles about dating and vulnerability.

Let's lighten things up with some music, shall we? I guess I was really into covers this week.

"Dancing in the Dark" by Hot Chip

"In a Big Country" by Rogue Wave

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