Monday, April 10, 2017

Sunday Night Exfoliation

I like ritual. I like repetition.

A few weeks ago, I was in the shower and looked at this small exfoliator sample I got in an Ipsy (my referral link!) bag forever ago. I'd only used it a couple of times, so I decided to start exfoliating my face on Sundays. I know it's just a small thing, but it's something I look forward to now.

I used to paint my nails on Sunday, too.

Now Sunday is record-our-podcast day. Or laundry day. It's more work. Add all of that on the anxiety I still feel about starting a new "work" week. I don't even think Mondays are bad, but there is something about Sundays that just draaaaaag and make me feel unsettled.

So now there's more to the day than endless dread and irrational fear. I feel pampered. I exfoliate my face. My hands. My feet. It's a DIY spa day. I cleanse up and wrap up the old week and trudge into the new week with softer skin ready to weather whatever the new week has in store for me!

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