Thursday, July 21, 2011

Strange Days

Now that I'm unemployed by choice, I have very strange days. I don't have a schedule. I don't have anywhere to be and I like it that way.

I get up, feed the cat, eat breakfast and exercise. I feel my body getting stronger. Afterwards, I'm exhausted and sweaty and I take a shower.

I eat a snack.

I play online games on Kongregate. As a kid, I wanted to play test video games. As an adult, I play too many of them. My talents wasted.

Sometimes minutes past, sometimes hours and I browse and click and I scroll tumblr, write my daily short story and check out beauty videos on youtube. I want to make videos. I want to do a lot of things. Sometimes I make videos and never upload them. I do this a lot.

So many unfinished things, sitting around and collecting dust.

My fiance and I are moving, so we're packing and uncovering all of these lost things from around the apartment. So many things. Candles, magazines, lip balm -- it's all there -- hidden in boxes, behind furniture and under the bed. The more we dig, the more we find. All of it is going into different boxes. More & more & more until our little apartment is empty.

Oh, hello, new place! Only to start my strange days again in a new place.

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